It's been 3.5 months

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It's been 3.5 months and I don't miss it! I don't miss the constant yelling at all. I am so glad that I am not there anymore. I don't understand why parents would send kids to a place where the teachers yell at kids all day long and make condescending comments and sarcastic remarks to the kids. I can't believe there are teachers who do that... I am glad I am not there, even though sometimes I miss the kids...

Happy Punctuation Day!

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Its National Punctuation Day! If that sentence made you cringe, then welcome to the fold. Its, it's. Your, you're. Why can't people get it right?

On Friday, Sept. 24, punctuation aficionados across the country celebrated the seventh annual National Punctuation Day. Last year's celebration featured a baking contest (here's the recipe for "Punctuation Meatloaf"), and this year, organizers kicked off a punctuation-inspired haiku challenge:

Em dash or en dash.