American Idioms - 美國片語 - Ants in your pants

Submitted by Jenny on Wed, 09/08/2010 - 11:28

Ants in your pants - can not stop moving 無法停下來, 好像有螞蟻在褲子裡

Owen has ants in his pants that he can never stay still. Owen 從來無法停下來就好像有螞蟻在他褲子裡。

A: Are you ok? You look like you have ants in your pants. 你還好嗎? 你看起來好像有螞蟻在你褲子裡。
B: Yeah, I need to go to bathroom very bad! 對呀, 我急著要上廁所

American Idioims - 美國片語 - None of your business

Submitted by Jenny on Sun, 08/29/2010 - 10:29

None of your business - nothing to do with you. Don't ask about things that do not concern you. 不要愛管閒事, 沒有你的事

Her actions are her own, it's none of your business. 她要做的是她的事,與你無關。
What John decides to do does not concern you. It's none of your business. John決定要做得是與你無關,不要愛管閒事.

台灣歌薇Goldwell2010國際魔髮發表秀 - Ella飾演小艾莉絲

Submitted by Jenny on Wed, 08/25/2010 - 18:47

Ella還沒睡醒,就要畫妝了 - Ella is not awake yet, and it's already makeup time台灣歌薇Goldwell2010國際魔髮發表秀昨天(08/24/2010)圓滿結束了。Ella好喜歡他的小艾莉絲的造型,更愛上了走秀。魔髮秀結束時,她已經玩得好開心,一直找藉口要多留下來一些。我一直在後台,沒法拍到她出場的照片,如果看到這篇blog的參會朋友們,請與我分享你們手上有的Ella照片,好嗎?先謝謝啦!

American Idioims - 美國片語 - Start from scratch

Submitted by Jenny on Wed, 08/25/2010 - 17:23

Start from scratch - to start over - 重新開始

My computer broke and I lost my essay. I need to start from scratch tonight. 我的電腦壞了,所以我的文章沒了.我今晚需要重新(開始)再寫一遍。
Our manager changed his mind, we need to start from scratch on this project. 我們的經理改變了他的主意,我們這計畫要從新開始.