Owen - 台視偶像劇前男友

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Owen showed up in episode 5! This time, his role is as the younger self of Da Yi Xiang 戴亦翔 (played by 黃志偉Jerry). You can see Owen's screen time on Youtube and the photos are up on Picasa!

Owen在第五集出現囉,他飾演戴亦翔的小時候。你可以在這裡看 視頻喔!

Ella in New Zealand - Ella 在紐西蘭拍廣告加遊玩

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What a great way to finish year of the Rabbit! Ella was picked to go to New Zealand to film a commercial! We spent total of 5 days in New Zealand enjoying the great hospitality and working with a well-organized production team and crew. Besides the weather caused us one day delay, everything went well.

Ella and I got to visit Kelly Tralton's aquarium and saw many penguins. We also got to visit a few New Zealand wineries. Best of all, we toured Hobbiton! I think I was more excited about that than Ella.

Current normal/abnormal after-school care phenomenon

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最近, 有件事真的讓我看了很不舒服。 我看過這發生在好多的安親班, 以致於我必須寫下來。

如果我問一個爸爸或媽媽, 『你認為安親班老師的責任是什麼?』 你想, 答案會是甚麼呢? 老師應該照我的我孩子, 確定她或他做完功課, 如果他(她)的功課沒達到標準, 她(他)就必須要訂正。 也許, 在他們有其他才藝課像是鋼琴、小提琴等課程時, 督導著她(他)。 他老師照顧我孩子時, 也確定他(她)有適當的行為舉止。

這聽來很像要求很高, 對吧? 在台北大部分的家長也許不認為這要求很嚴格。 但是, 我也注意到安親班老師會做一些你不知道的事。 其實他們自己訂正並重寫了孩子的功課, 我看到了好多次。 老師會拿一枝鉛筆, 假裝她是學生, 拿學生A的功課, 擦掉看起來不是很漂亮的字, 然後幫她(他)寫上去。 了解了嗎? 他們真的幫你孩子做功課!

這真是一件大事! 對我來說, 當一個媽媽, 這樣的一個『安親』老師真的不是我可以忍受的。 但是, 我不認為父母知道這樣的事, 連孩子都不知道。 在我上英文課時, 我看到安親老師正努力的『改』他的學生的功課。 所以, 當你的孩子帶他們的功課回家, 你注意到他們的字體是完美的或是幾近完美, 你會知道那並不是他們自己寫的。 那是他們的安親老師寫的!


Read more with your children

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Ella picking out a book at 語言家 Language Plus Living SpaceLately, I heard the news on TV/radio regarding how SpongeBob show has ruined children's brains. I for one think that it is not SpongeBob's fault. I have seen the cartoon (though I am not a die-heart fan) a few times and I actually enjoyed it! I find him to be a loyal person. He tries his best to protect his boss's restaurant and the secret recipe. I also think he is very caring. He constantly looks after his friend, Patrick, and his little pet. He has demonstrated great friendship towards to Sandy. I think there is a lot to be learned from SpongeBob.

So, why is SpongeBob bad for your children? Maybe we should look at it another way, it's not SpongeBob is bad, it's more related to TV watching. Watching too much TV is bad. The rapid frame display on TV does slow down your brain. That's the problem. It's not SpongeBob is the problem.

American Brand - Cherokee

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Owen and Ella modeling for American clothing brand - CherokeeThis time, Owen and Ella got to model for a little piece of America! The household known clothing brand Cherokee that you see in Target all the time, is in Taiwan. Here is the website:

Owen - http://www.fashioncookie.com.tw/products/cherokee/boys/tops
Ella - http://www.fashioncookie.com.tw/products/cherokee/girls/tops