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20160920 國小FUN科學:探索颱風/龍捲風與天氣學 & 動手做龍捲風實驗 (Introductio to Tornado & Typhoon with Experiments)

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Our science class this week is about 探索颱風/龍捲風與天氣學 & 動手做龍捲風實驗 (Introductio to Tornado & Typhoon with Experiments).  Kids had a great time working on the experiements and understanding how the typhoons form!

Science Class科學課 - Earthquake Detector 地震偵測器

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This week's science class, kids looked at how earthquake detection is done and made an earthquake detector themselves.  Here is a video of Owen's earthquake detector.  這周科學課,孩子們探討了感測器與地震偵測器的科學 & 動手做地震偵測器科學實驗 ,每個孩子都自己動手做了一個地震偵測器喔!