Owen and Ella 畫冊寫真義賣

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Owen and Ella 寫真畫冊義賣一直都很有愛心的Owen和Ella都很關注一些公益活動,去年開始也到了關懷之家以實際行動去支持需要幫助的小朋友。因為Owen and Ella 從小就展現出繪畫天分,也常常在學校和台北市的比賽中獲得好成績,而今年也為了籌募資助費用,決定出版一本畫冊寫真,收錄兩人的藝術創作和寫真照片,並將所得利潤捐給關懷之家。

Owen and Ella 畫冊寫真會收錄兩人的藝術創作和隱藏版寫真照,一本是250元外加郵資,義賣所得利益都會捐給台北關懷之家,您的付款都會轉為對失依失學孩童的幫助,希望大家可以多多支持我們的畫冊寫真,也一起幫忙籌募捐款,我們由衷感謝 ! 另外,為了感謝大家,12/24前訂購的人都會有Owen、Ella的簽名以及贈品喔!


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販售地點: 語言家 (台北市內湖區康寧路一段175巷2號1F)
販售時間: 請於12/24前找一天前往購買喔!
星期三 4:00-8:00 pm
星期四 4:00-6:00 pm
星期五 4:00-7:00 pm

訂購單連結有更詳細的資訊喔! 我們由衷感謝訂購的人,也特別感謝 Soqute.me 兒童寫真 贊助拍攝這次的畫冊寫真

201412期 框架外的教育月刊 Homeschooling Monthly Letter

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在家自學的月刊出來囉!取名為【框架外的教育】的多語言月刊在今天出了第一期,在這裡收錄了需多自學孩子們的作品及家長、老師的話,還有自學教父對新法令的解析,請大家多多參考! 框架外的教育月刊 - Homeschooling Monthly Newsletter

Low tech or high tech? That's the question!

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There is an article circulating around on Facebook about how Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent. It talked about how Steve Jobs limited how much technology gadgets his kids use at home. The idea is not foreign to me and with so many people who cannot put their gadgets and smartphones down (I believe the “official” term is phubbers”), I am not surprised a lot of people, especially parents, who would opt to limit or even to eliminate gadget use.

But, here is the catch, with advanced technology today, it also comes different forms of learning. Without these gadgets, learning computer programming would not be possible. My son loves to listen to audio books when he is in transit going places (even though he also loves reading actual books, I do not let him to do so since it is not good for his eyes), and having “Harry Potter” on his phone works great! Since we are a home school family, we use “Khan Academy” for Math learning and DuoLingo for Spanish review instead of buying textbooks (for expats, you would understand how hard it is to get American textbooks to other countries, not to mention the costly textbooks as well as the shipping cost). Moreover, since my husband and I both are computer science graduates, my son and daughter get to learn computer programming using Scratch and Lego Mindstorm. Also, they use their phone as his alarms for various activities that he needs to get to. In our spare time, besides many outdoor activities, we share funny posts and videos online with each other. You see, technology and gadgets are embedded in our families’ lives and as a family, we thoroughly enjoy it.

If there is one thing I have learned about parenting, it’s the more you tell your kids no, the more they want to do it and more likely they will go to the extreme. Why not give them the flexibility and freedom and show them when and how they can use the gadgets and devices the correct way? But, on the other hand, technology is not the answer to all learning either. When technology is not used properly, it can have harmful and adverse effects on children, ie., eye sight problems, un-filtered online content, and other health issues. Besides these health effects, I also believe that kids should not just learn from one media. They should learn from multiple sources; go out and enjoy physical activities and nature; travel and see things books talk about or they read about on internet. When the learning motivation is coming from within, kids can learn anything and anywhere.

I strongly believe technology is just a tool to aid and reinforce learning, to peak curiosity, and to spark creativity. There should not be a right or wrong answer to using technology and gadgets. The more prudent question is how you use it and how children are exposed to them. Every kid learns differently. And I would argue that what works in my family may not work for everyone. Every parent and teacher should find what “sticks” with every child. Every kid learns differently and only with differentiated instruction and individualized learning program can really help kids learn.

As an educator and a mother, I have learned from my students and my children that learning cannot be force fed. They must take it willingly.

創意科學課程-認識飛機飛行原理與飛機設計的科學及自己動手做好玩的大氣層高空偵察機創意科學模型/Introduction to the Design Science of Airplanes & DIY Model Reconnaissance Aircrafts

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創意科學課程開課啦!下一課是12月19日星期四早上8:00-10:30. 歡迎自學的小學生跟我們一起來玩科學喔!
主題:認識飛機飛行原理與飛機設計的科學 & 自己動手做好玩的大氣層高空偵察機創意科學模型/Introduction to the Design Science of Airplanes & DIY Model Reconnaissance Aircrafts)
費用: 360NT

Owen 超級接班人2

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