Fashion Cookie 時尚餅乾

Submitted by Jenny on Thu, 12/20/2012 - 09:26

小麻豆Owen替Fashion Cookie-時尚餅乾拍照Fashion Cookie的新款到啦! 保暖又時尚的衣服就在Fashion Cookie喔!
更重要的是他們有兩位超級萌的小麻豆喔!(偷笑) 每次Owen和Ella拍完照,我都忍不住下訂單呢! 他們衣服質料真的不錯,價錢也很合理。去看看吧!

American brand, Cherokee, has an online shop in Taiwan! Owen and Ella had been doing some modeling for their clothes. I love it! A lot of times I ended up order a bunch after they finished the photoshoot!