語言家 文宣案 Language Plus Living Space Current English Consulting Work

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語言家 文宣案 Language Plus Living Space Current English Consulting Work這幾哥月都在努力一篇國際公司的文宣案件,從了解公司的宗旨到寫出和翻譯公司的產品,都是我們跟公司不斷的溝通、努力寫出來的東的東西。今天終於收到排版後的稿子了,真的覺得這一陣子的努力快要看到最終成果了,好興奮呀!好,最終校稿模式啟動!!

20150803 - 20150807 Summer Activities 暑期活動

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20150803 - 20150807 Summer Activities 語言家暑期活動照片出爐囉,大家快來欣賞,我們跑去新兒童樂園玩,嘗試用英文去餐廳點餐,還做了父親節禮物,每個星期我們都過得好充實!

Jump the gun

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Have you jumped the gun before? Has anyone said that to you before? When you have jumped the gun, it means that you have done something early and prematurely.

A: Cindy looks unhappy this morning.
B: She must not finished her assignments last night.
A; Don't jump the gun to make that conclusion. She might just be tired.

In this example, A is tell B not to make the conclusion too early without understanding entire situation.

What is parallelism?

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Sample sentence: I recommend relaxing activities such as reading, watching TV, seeing a movie.

swimming and running.
Relaxing activities can help people to forget their worries, handle mental pressure, and lower their stress levels.
Many people like relaxing activities because they want to forget their stressful day and because they want to feel relaxed.

Why do we write using this technique?
Using parallelism improves writing style and readability, and makes sentences easier to process.