Impossible is Nothing

Submitted by Jenny on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 07:44

前一陣子,在台北常看到"Impossible is nothing."想了很久,想不出是圴麼意思。後來終於搞清楚了! 原來,要表達的是"Nothing is Impossible!"想一想,這真的差好多。先從本來的那句話來看:"Impossible is nothing." Impossible是不可能的意思且為形容詞。照英文文法上說,不應該放在第一個位子。第二,照句子的意思上來說,nothing事沒有東西或事的意思。這句話翻成"不可能的是沒有的事."想一想,不可能的當然是沒有的事的事啊!應為做不到啊!寫這句子的人真的是要表達這意思嗎?想想,應該說是要表達"Nothing is impossible"才對!!"沒有做不到的事"

A while back, I saw "Impossible is nothing" around Taipei frequently. I thought about it for a while and couldn't figure out what it actually means. I finally figured it out! What they were trying to say is "Nothing is impossible!" Man! That is a big difference! From English grammar perspective, the word "impossible" is a adjective and can't really be put at the beginning of a sentence unless it's get a noun after it. In this case, itself is trying to be a noun which doesn't work. Second, when you think about the meaning, "impossibility(changing it to the proper noun for now) is nothing" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. When it is impossible, of course there is nothing. Because you did not do anything to make something happen. But, I finally translated the sentence into Chinese and realized that what they are trying to convey is "Nothing is impossible!"

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