Owen needs some friends at Grace Christian Academy

Submitted by Jenny on

Well, I just learned that the only girl in Owen's class is about to move to Canada. Do you know what that means? That means Owen's class will only have 2 students! 2 students, people!!!! Every class at GCA has been gaining students. 2nd grade and 4th grade (Owen is in 3rd grade) have reached over 5 and closing on 10 students! But, Owen's class... Sigh... Owen really really needs some more friends in his class.

The school doesn't have the best hardware facilities but the school is like a big family. The teachers are well qualified and very diligent. They all are from North America and work very hard to create an English speaking environment in Taipei, Taiwan. Even the school is Christian based, and if you are not a Christian, don't worry. The school and the teachers do not push their believes on you. They integrate their believes into their teaching and the school also has bible class and chapel time. However, if you go there with an open mind, there shouldn't be any problems. My family is a mixture of Buddhism and Christianity. We haven't had any conflicts whats-o-ever. we believe that kids should be exposed to all things and learn about all religions so they can make their own choice when they grow up.

Anyway, if your children hold foreign passports and you are considering an International school, choose GCA. And if they are currently in 3rd grade or will be 4th grade in the coming year, it would even be better! :-)

Grace Christian Academy: http://www.gcataipei.com
Grace Christian Academy Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=149571601736909

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