Owen needs more friends at Grace Christian Academy (International American School in Taipei Taiwan) - Owen在台北恩慈美國學校需要有多一些朋友

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Owen needs more friends at Grace Christian Academy - Owen在美國恩慈學校需要有多一些朋友Today is Owen's first day at school as a 3rd grade! This is also his 2nd semester at Grace Christian Academy. The school is an International American school located in Taipei Taiwan. It is small but the educators there are amazing. The school is from Kindergarten to High school with all American curriculum. Since the school is small (It is one large building with grades spread out in many different floors), it has the big family feel to it. Owen has learned so much from the teachers there. Even though the school doesn't have a field for kids to run around (they use the park right next door and the next door elementary school's field), the kids still get sufficient exercises. The teachers can really work with kids individually when the kids have certain areas that need to be improved.

Grace Christian Academy (恩慈美國學校)- American School in TaipeiI remembered my first visit to this small American School in Taipei. I had called all of the American schools in Taipei regarding sending Owen to one. I visited all of them which had vacancy. Grace Christian Academy was the last on my American school list to visit. We arrived at the school and the principal, Mrs. Chow, personally took us on a tour. Even though the school is small and there really isn't much to see, I mean, a classroom is a classroom is a classroom and there isn't anything to it. But, from talking to the principal, you can feel the love she has for kids. Also, she raised 3 bilingual children (her husband is Chinese and she is American) in Taipei, we immediately felt a good connection with her. She showed us the school books and we felt the curriculum is sound comparing to the schools in the States (we just moved back to Taiwan from the U. S. in 2009). Another factor is the school is located in Nankang. It's a very convenient location with MRT near by. When Owen gets bigger, he can take the MRT or bus to school by himself without us drive him all the time. Owen's teacher, Ms. Turner, is wonderful also. She had taught in the States for a while and also has experiences teaching at Saipan. Besides, she is left-handed and Owen really needs a left-handed teacher to help him with his penmanship. :-)

Grace Christian Academy Contact information; 美國恩慈學校電話號碼If your child has a foreign passport (meaning not Republic of China's passport) and you are considering sending them to an American school in Taipei, I would recommend Grace Christian Academy (GCA). Their website is http://gcataipei.com. Oh by the way, tell them Owen sent you because he needs more friends at school. :-)

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