Owen's dance performance

Submitted by Jenny on Mon, 01/02/2017 - 20:06

Since last summer, Owen was working very hard to prepare a dance show.  The dance school he goes to had a huge dance performance in November.  He worked for many months, danced over 20 hours a week on top of all of other studies he needed to attend to.

Well, on that day, I had to accompany Ella to another city in Taiwan for her stage play so I couldn't see Owen's performance.  I was quite dissapointed that I couldn't make it!  Owen has joined Joe's Music company for over a year and since he is under training, he seldomly has any performances these days.  Finally, there is one and I had to miss it.  I was quite bumbed out.

After that performance, Owen told me that there was another one that is open to the public and it is on a day that I could go see!  Even though it was a scaled down version and it was not the full crew from his dance school, I still got a chance to see how much more improved he is and how much he has learned and enjoyed dancing.

Since the full dance performance is copyrighted and licensed, I am not allowed to share it here but below is the video of the performance that was open to the public. Enjoy...