Thank you - the stranger in the airport

Submitted by Jenny on

Owen, Ella, and I happily went to the airport to pick up John. It took him a while to come out since he had to wait for his luggage for a while.

When we got to the parking place and tried to pay our parking meter via an automatic machine, I realized that I only have $1000 NT dollar bills in my wallet and the parking meter only takes $100's. So, I was trying to get some change from other people who were paying their parking but it didn't look like there is no one who had change for me.

A guy who was on the phone asked me how much our parking was, and I told him it was $50NT. He offered to pay for it for us! THANK YOU, whoever you are. You were definitely our savor for the night. THANK YOU for the random kindness. I promise I will pay it forward...

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