How to discipline a child?

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How do you discipline a child?

Today, I saw something that is unspeakable. There is a boy who had red marks on his face. At first I thought he fell asleep so his cheek was red. I looked at it closer, and I found out that they are blood veins showing on his face. Then, I thought maybe he fell down in school. Finally, I asked the an-chin-ban teacher what happened to him. The answer was something that I didn't want to hear...

It turned out that he didn't behave at school. So, his teacher wrote a note to his parents about the misbehavior. The way his dad dealt with it was to slap this 7-year old boy 18 times on his face. Eighteen times!! One wasn't enough or even two, but EIGHTEEN!

These are the kids who think violence is the common thing that happens in the society. When they grow up, they will also think it is alright to be violent because their parents always treated them this way. In turn, they will treat their friends, their peers, even their wives/husbands and kids this way. Is this really something we want to promote? Don't we haven enough violence in this world?

My heart hurt. My heart goes out to every child who's had or is having this kind of childhood. I can only hope one day that people will understand spanking your kids this hard is really not the right way to discipline them. It is FLAT OUT WRONG!


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