Kids Learning Environment 小孩的學習環境

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What kind of environment do you think you would learn better? A stressful environment or a happy environment? A teacher who is breathing down your neck and yell at you or a teacher who is encouraging and help you out when you make mistakes?

Let's turn back time, thinking back when you were a kid, what kind of environment do you think you would like then? With the same criteria listed above, does your answer change?

Now, let's put it in another angle. You are now an adult and have a family with kids. What type of environment do you prefer for your children? All parents want the best or try to make the best decision for their children. Which environment would you pick?

Are your answers different or the same for all three scenarios?

The answer is obvious for me. Is it for you?

你認為你在什麼樣的環境會有效的學習? 壓力的環境或快樂的環境? 當你犯錯誤時,你希望有一位不時會罵和吼你的老師或是會鼓力和幫你的一名教師? 讓我們轉回的時間輪盤,回想當年你是個孩子時,你認為你會喜歡什麼樣的環境嗎? 以上面列出的準則你的答案會是相同嗎? 現在,讓我們把它放在另一個角度。 您現在是成年人,並有個孩子了。 為你的孩子,你喜歡哪種類型的環境? 所有家長都想為他們的孩子作出或嘗試作出最好,最佳的決定。 你會選擇哪些環境? 為所有三種方案是否相同或不同的答案嗎? 我的答案顯而易見。 你呢?

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