Ella 的開心農場 - Ella's little farm

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Ella種酪梨子 Ella growing avocado seedElla常在種蔬菜,她已經種過蔥,青蔥和小白菜等。最近,她想種酪梨!事實上,這是一個很大的任務,因為它會長為一棵樹,不只是一個小盆子就可以裝的下!如何酪梨子萌芽也是件困難的事。因此,我們只好先去網上求救了,我們發現,種子需要被部分地浸沒在水中4至6週前它才可以發芽。因此,Ella做了一個一到四周的表格,她每天早上看著種子,看是否有比較前一天有什麼差別。從硬如石頭到現在 (有一星期的時間),酪梨子的表面已經有裂痕了,Ella真是欣喜若狂!我想,我們應該去尋找一個大花盆了。
Ella has been growing vegetable here and there. She had grown onions, green onions and little bok choy etc. Lately, she wanted to grow avocado! This is actually a big task because it will grow into a tree, not just a little plant! How to get an avocado seed to sprout is already something difficult to do. So, for starters, we searched on the Internet. We found out that the seed needs to be partially submerged in the water for 4 to 6 weeks before it can even sprout. Therefore, Ella made a chart with check marks all the way up to 4 weeks (for now) and she looks at the seed every morning to see if there is any difference comparing to the day before. The seed from being as hard as a rock to now, the skin is cracked, there is some progress after a week of being in water! Ella is ecstatic! I guess we should go look for a big pot for planning this thing.

Ella's farm photos/Ella的開心農場照片都在臉書上喔!

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