Ella與阿寶的可愛PK 大賽 - 鑽石夜總會- May 23rd, 2010

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Ella與阿寶的可愛PK 大賽 - 鑽石夜總會Part 1

Ella與阿寶的可愛PK 大賽 - 鑽石夜總會Part 2

小甜甜, 黃國倫, 阿寶, Ella, 利晶鑽石夜總會在五月二十三號晚上播出了。製作單位沒有跟我們說,所以我們沒看到它的首播。那一天的單元是兩位小女生比可愛和演技。另一位小女生阿寶從11個月大時就開始表演,Ella才剛開始沒多久。阿寶和Ella都是菲林經紀公司旗下的小童星。哥哥Owen當天也有去幫Ella加油。

阿寶, Ella, Owen後來,雖然Ella表現得很好,可是還是輸給了阿寶。阿寶好可愛,她拿了一個麵包給Ella做安慰。 ^_^ Ella哭了好久。利晶跟Ella說她表現得非常好,只是要再加油。黃國倫說看Ella哭,看的心好疼。做媽媽的覺得Ella表現得很棒了!小小年紀,也沒有多少經驗,有這樣的表現,已經是100分了,不需要把得失看得太重。

阿寶, Ella大家一起來為我替Ella加油吧!

The show, Diamond Club, had aired last night. We weren't notified so I didn't get to watch it. I got a call around 9:45 pm from a student of mine telling me that she was watching Ella on the TV. I thought it was a repeat of another show, but she said it is a new one. Once I turned on the TV and got to the right channel, I only got to see the last 2 minutes of it.

The show was about 2 little 4-year old girls who were competing to see whose got the best acting skills and who is the cutest. The other girl, Y-Bao, she's been performing since a baby. As for Ella, she only started last year. There were two parts of the show. First part, they got a cup of drink, one is coke and the other is lemon juice and the two girls had to drink the drink and pretended that whatever they got was the sweet one. I think both Y-Bao and Ella did great but you could still tell what they actually drank (they are only 4, after all). The second part of the show is their performance. Ella did the "Red Lantern" dance which I thought she did beautifully.

Even though she didn't win the competition, she did so well and she tried to do her best! She cried for almost 45 minutes because she lost. I truly think that she shouldn't look at this as a failure. She is just not as experienced as Y-Bao. She should be happy that she got the opportunity to do this and everyone is so proud of her!!

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