Owen, Ella 在麻辣天后宮節目裡彈吉他唱 - 你是我的陽光 20100727

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Owen, Ella 在麻辣天后宮潔目裡彈吉他唱你是我的陽光
麻辣天后宮 aired on July 27th, 2010. Owen performed guitar at the show. He only has been learning guitar for about 3 months and he is already performing on TV. This really makes me proud. Even though his rhythm is not as good as it should be, but it was already a big improvement since he started practicing. I am sure he will be better and better in the future!

We arrived at the studio at 6:30 pm and they didn't finish taping the show until 10 pm. They are so many talented kids in this show. There are kids who are so good at 舞龍舞獅, singing, dancing, and even bicycle tricks! It was incredible. Of course, the beautiful Vivian was there too. Her nobody dance was so cute!!


Since there were so many kids there, it took a while for the host to introduce all of the kids and have them perform. Owen ended up being the last. The guitar that he used on the show was not the one he usually uses since his regular guitar doesn't have an output. So, we ended up borrowing on from the music store. But, they can't get it to work. :-\ So, they ended up setting up a microphone pointing at the guitar. Anyway, Owen wasn't very used to this guitar and the song was played somewhat off. But, he did look like he's got the star quality. :-) Ella was singing off stage while Owen was playing. The production staff noticed it and waved at Ella and asked her to go up to the stage and off she went! She ended up being on the show! She sang while Owen played "You Are My Sunshine" again. It was quite cute. :-)

既然有這麼多孩子在那裡,主人用了一段時間的介紹所有的孩子,讓他們表演。Owen是壓軸。他使用的吉他,不是他通常使用吉他,因為他的吉他沒有電輸出。所以,我們跟樂器行借,可是,製作單位沒有辦法接音箱。 :\ 只好用一個麥克風對著吉他。Owen不是很習慣借來的吉他,所以"你是我的陽光"彈得有一點亂。:-) 製作單位看到Ella在台下跟著Owen唱,要求她去到台上去唱。雖然這及通告沒有她,他也出現在節目上了! 很可愛! :-)

Well, here is the video of the last part of the show. I hope you will enjoy Owen and Ella's performance. :-)

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