Thaw or unthaw, that is the question!

Submitted by Jenny on

What is the meaning of the word "thaw?" By definition, it is the action for something to defrost. So, what does "unthaw" mean? Yes, you guessed it, "unthaw" means to de-defrost. In another words, you are reversing the thawing action. So, can you unthaw a frozen chicken? Unless you just want it stay frozen, you can't really unthaw a frozen chicken.

什麼是"thaw"含義? 它是解凍的意思。 所以,什麼是"unthaw"? 是的你猜對了,"unthaw"是指 不解凍, de-defrost。 換句話說, 你在進行反轉解凍的動作。 因此,您可以 unthaw 一隻凍的雞嗎? 除非您只是希望它保持凍結,你不太能真正 unthaw 一隻凍的雞。

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