Code Club/程式設計社團第一堂課成功!

Submitted by Jenny on Wed, 03/16/2016 - 20:16

Code Club - Scratch Programming今天的兩堂Code Club在孩子們的不捨回家當中結束,雖然今天最重要的事就是把帳號建立好,所有學員互相追蹤,加上開始讓一隻貓滾來滾去,又忙碌,又混亂,又好玩的一堂課!雖然孩子們之間的英文程度有些較好,有些還在起步,可是大家都很勇於發問,沒有因為要跟Mr. John溝通而不敢問問題或是不願意學習。搭家的學西精神都好好喔!

Ttoday's code clubs were fiinished durring a lot laughters and a lot of chaos!  Thee main thiing we did as to have everyone create a Scratch account, followeveryone in the class, and started making the cat to move!  Mr. John explained what "instructions" are and had kids isssuing instrructiononns to a human robot!  Even though not every kid could communicate in English perfectly, that did not hinder us from participating in class and our eagerness to learn!  What a fun day!