Owen in Sony's newest camera commerical - Sony NEX C3

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Owen與Sony NEX C3 代言人張榕容

Owen participated in filming a TV commercial for Sony NEX C3 in Taiwan. This time, it's quite different from other commercials. First, Owen needs to interact with a dog, and second, he needs to put on stage-style makeup which would make him look like a lion. The idea is from The Wizard of Oz. Even though it was not an easy commercial to film (waking up at 2:30 am to get to the mountain areas of MiaoLi, battling with weather, and allergy), the result was amazing.

Owen has an allergy towards dog and cats. When he is around dogs, he starts to sneeze, gets watery eyes, and eyes will start to swell. That's why we don't have any pets at home. Since he needs to play with the dog in the commercial, he had to take allergy pills before hand so he can touch the dogs without having problems.

Even though he doesn't show up much in the commercial, he had a great time play with the dog, Beibei. As a result, the photos were amazing as well.

Here, you can see the video: Sony NEX C3 TV Commercial

Here, you can see the photos and the photos posted in Taipei MRT Station and in posters and magazines: Owen Sony C3 advertisement

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