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語言家 Language Plus Living Space

Submitted by Jenny on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 11:26

語言家 - Language Plus Living SpaceLanguage Plus Living Space is finally officially opened for business and students! Even though it is never easy to start a business, I get reassured everyday when I see the smiles and the satisfaction on our students' faces when they come here. I am so grateful and happy that I have so many people helping me...

It's like a place where you feel that you just walked into your American friend's house. It's got an open kitchen and an area for kids to play. It's homey and cozy. We don't have classes, we just have activities. Kids who have learned English in a cram school, here is the place for you to practice what you learned. If kids never learned English before, they can learn English in a natural environment.

For adults, we have cooking demonstration and social English time. The chef will will teach you how to make the dishes in English and encourage you to speak and talk just like you are in a friend's house and your friend is cooking for you. On Friday nights, we also have Happy Hour conversational time, come by and enjoy some snacks and practice English conversation.

Come and check it out. Language Plus Living Space 語言家 is located at 台北市內湖區康寧路一段175巷2號1F. We open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am-8pm. If you have any inquiries, please call us at 02-2794-5848 or email us at or visit our website at

語言家終於正式開幕了! 縱使一個生意剛開始從來非易事,但當我看到學生們來時,臉上滿意的笑容,我就放心了不少。 我很開心與感激有這麼多的人幫忙我。

語言家是一個感覺像你走進美國朋友家中的空間,有個開放式的大廚房和孩子遊戲的區域,很有家的感覺,也很舒適。 我們有許多活動,沒有制式課程。 這裡是補習班學英文的孩子練習所學的地方,如果孩子之前從未學過英文,他們可以在一個很自然的環境下學英文。

成人方面,我們有烹飪示範和社交英文時間。 廚師會用英文教你如何做菜和鼓勵你發言,有如你在朋友家,而你的朋友為你下廚一樣。 星期五晚上,我們也有「歡樂時光」會話時間,來和我們一起享受一些小點心和練習英文會話吧!

語言家位於台北市內湖區康寧路一段175巷2號1F,歡迎您來參觀。 我們開放時間為星期二到星期六早上10點到晚上8點,如果您有任何的問題,請電洽02-2794-5848,或寄電子郵件到,亦或是上我們的官方網站