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201412期 框架外的教育月刊 Homeschooling Monthly Letter

Submitted by Jenny on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 09:51

在家自學的月刊出來囉!取名為【框架外的教育】的多語言月刊在今天出了第一期,在這裡收錄了需多自學孩子們的作品及家長、老師的話,還有自學教父對新法令的解析,請大家多多參考! 框架外的教育月刊 - Homeschooling Monthly Newsletter

"Thinking Outside of Box" Monthly Newsletter is out! This is a publication focused on Homeschooling community. In this issue, we have included many homeschoolers' work and also teachers and parents' thoughts. Also, the homeschool pioneer of Taiwan also talked about the law changes in Taiwan that benefits homeschoolers here. Please come and check it out! 框架外的教育月刊 - Homeschooling Monthly Newsletter
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