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吳若瑄Ella 2016 青年盃 花式溜冰 比賽

Submitted by Jenny on Mon, 06/20/2016 - 10:33

吳若瑄2016青年盃花式溜冰比賽Ella competed in a figure skate competition on June 18th, 2016Ella has competed in a rollerskating competition over the weekend, 06/18/2016.  She had so much fun preparing for this competition.  She always loved rollerblading/rollerskating.  In Feburary, she decided to take it up to a notch by starting to learn how to figure skate.  Since then, it's been fun watching her learning and practicing.  Once we learned that the coach has entered her into the competition, she had trained hard and practiced many hours just to perfect.

During this time, she also took care of her studies in which she completed her 5th grade math and started on 6th grade ahead of time, and acted in several TV dramas/movie.

The best part about this is, she loves every single minute of it.  She loved her busy schedule and was happy with everything she's learned.  It is such a pleasure watching her grow!