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吳文瑄Owen 設計小遊戲/Scratch Design

Submitted by Kaipeng21 on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 14:58

Scratch是一個免費的新型程式工具,可以用來創造互動式故事、動畫、遊戲、音樂和藝術。程式語言視覺化、淺顯易懂,非常適合孩子學習。在家自學的Owen也自己設計了一個簡易的迷宮遊戲,使用方向鍵即可控制小綠球,不能碰觸到牆壁,把小綠球移到到紅色區域即可獲勝。希望大家喜歡Owen設計的小遊戲!! (若遊戲未照常顯示請點這裡)
Scratch is a free authoring tool that can be used for creating your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. The following game is created by Owen. Use arrow keys to control the little green ball. Don't touch the walls or you will explode. Touch the red and you win. Hope you will like it!! (Click here if the game does not show on this page)
Click here to learn more about scratch and download Scratch for free.

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