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你是不是歐文(Owen), 吳文瑄?

Submitted by Jenny on Sun, 03/07/2010 - 09:09

歐文, Owen, 吳文瑄在東森幼幼超級總動員表演扯鈴Owen went to an audition yesterday for a TV show. There was a boy who is about Owen's age sitting next to him.

男孩:  你是不是歐文(Owen)?
Owen: 點一點頭
男孩:  你是超級總動員的歐文(Owen)? With the exasperated look on his face and eyes wide open.
Owen: 再一次點一點頭
男孩:  你會魔術的歐文(Owen)?
Owen: uh-huh...

歐文(Owen), 吳文瑄的扯鈴The boy looked at Owen with his eyes wide open. I am not sure what was going through his mind but his facial expression told me that he thought it was cool to meet Owen in person. :-)

歐文, Owen, 吳文瑄在東森幼幼超級總動員表演魔術With Owen and Ella being mixed kids, they certainly attract a lot of attention in Taiwan. On top of that, with the modeling/TV shows work that they have done, people started to recognize them on the street a little bit. :-)